hosts an intelligent platform of custom-built CRM MicroServices

Mobile CRM

Real-time sales tools for Sales Executives and Field Employees powered by our suite of CRM Microservices.

CRM MicroApps

Powerful yet easy-to-use B2B Saas. Application for Inside Sales Acceleration

Cloud-based CRM APIs

Fully documented APIs to extend, customize, or build your own CRM apps.

We will work with you to custom build the following solutions:

Reach your customers more effectively with multi-channel marketing campaigns that are backed by an entire suite of CRM tools.

Create campaigns that are automatically initiated by the rules you set. With these, you can then set interact’s custom-built solutions to collect and store the data your campaign generates.

You can then use this data to create full customer profiles and help with your subsequent sales and marketing efforts.

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Most CRM systems are simply not built to handle the unique demands of B2B2C business models at prices that don’t break the bank.

At interact, our microapps allow you to provide your partners with a functional CRM system that you can control. You create and determine the centralized content that your partners then use to interact with their individual clients.

With this implemented, your organization will always emit a consistent brand image.

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We will work with you to develop a chatbot app to help with customer management.

Building an AI-powered chatbot on top of a powerful suite of CRM microapps comes with the unique benefit of collecting and managing all data collected. You will then be able to use this data to build complete profiles for each user your company interacts with.

Analyzing these data profiles will give you the knowledge necessary to tailor future services and meet their needs.

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We will develop a customized application that fits your exact specifications. What sets interact apart, is that we will build your custom app on top of our existing suite of powerful CRM microapps.

This means that your app will already have the user data analysis and customer relationship capabilities that are crucial to competing in today’s business landscape.

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Analytics tools built on top of customer relationship management microapps provide you with enhanced capabilities. Capabilities that are far superior to either of these tools on their own.

Contact interact now to further discuss your analytics needs and how a CRM backed analytics tool will enhance your decision-making capabilities. Drive more sales and make better decisions with the next level of analytics.

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Looking for a CRM option that fits your brand image? With our Enterprise package, we will white label our standard CRM software tool, Leadscore. As a result, Leadscore will match exactly with your company’s brand. Perhaps you have an idea for an additional feature you would like us to design and add to Leadscore.

Get in touch and we will discuss how our dedicated team of developers can turn your idea into a reality.

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Our product: Sales CRM

To demonstrate the power of our MicroServices platform, we built All-in-one CRM & Communication suite for B2B Lead Management and Sales Acceleration

360 Contact View

Marketing Automation

Visual Dashboards

Email Management

Website Integration

Custom Fields

Deep Technology Expertise

We believe in building cutting-edge CRM solutions, MicroApps, and CTI tools using these amazing core technologies

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