End-to-End B2B2C CRM platform to drive more leads, engagement, sales and retention


Identify and replicate best practices

Rapid deployment of custom solutions

More transparency through better Analytics and Insights


Enabled to grow their business

Empowered with Easy-to-use sales tools

Automation allows for more time and focuses on personal selling


Inspired by great content

More engaged through personalized communication

Content sharing makes them brand ambassadors

Franchise Management

Dynamically generate a multi-tenant account and data structure that reflects your franchise genealogy. Automated account management via APIs including secure access control and permission handling.

Mobile Sales Tools

Enable your partners to manage their leads and customers wherever they are. Implement custom UX designs and configure feature sets for your mobile applications to keep things simple and efficient.

Digital Marketing

Highly advanced campaign and content management across thousands of partner organizations for millions of clients. Enables 1-1 personalization of content streams along with comprehensive tracking of engagement KPIs.

Content-Driven Commerce

Enable digital customer journeys to drive targeted products sales or digital subscriptions.
Enable online/offline (in-store) activation with smart couponing and geolocation analytics

White-Label CRM Toolbox

Configure and custom-brand our modular CRM applications or build your own tool using our API-first CRM MicroServices platform.

Enterprises with large distributed sales organizations oftentimes face difficulties maintaining the highest levels of quality in communication with their end customers. Enabling partners with powerful yet easy to use tools and establishing comprehensive data analytics on all levels, can help them to unlock massive revenue potential over time.

Michael Zirngibl

CEO & Founder at Interact.io

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