Joining the team from Canada, Carter Hoffman will assist with the Business Development operations. 

We would like to welcome Carter Hoffman to the team. Carter will work on the business development. He will assist with devising and executing a strategy to reach more enterprise clients. Carter will also be heavily involved in the digital marketing of and our flagship CRM application Leadscore.

He will also help to devise strategy and design marketing resources to bring’s newest CRM Microservices to market. Carter’s primary tasks include drafting content for the marketing websites, strategizing for future product roll outs, and turning the desk light on for Maxime when the office is too dark.

Canadian life to European Life

Known to drop the occasional “eh?”, this Canadian native has been enduring Tim Horton’s withdrawal since setting off for Germany in January. While the relief from driveway shoveling and frigid winter days does make up for Europe’s lack of maple syrup, nothing can replace the delicious taste of a good ole Canadian Beaver Tail.

He spends his evenings at the local bouldering club and his weekends oot and aboot in Berlin. Carter hopes to use his time here and make the most of living in the big city. This is especially true during the beer-filled World Cup season. Which he still does not completely understand, but any excuse to crack a mickey or a two-four is good enough.

New Team Member Carter Hoffman