Hailing from France, Sofiane Achab is the new Product Manager at Interact.io. He will help the team enhance the user experience and perform Product Marketing.

Sofiane is the brains and creative genius behind the website that you are looking at. We also made him do the website for interact.io’s flagship product Leadcore. And because we didn’t think that was enough work for him, we also thought that he should take the lead on product management, new client onboarding, social media strategy, digital content strategy, and website analytics.

Some say that we overwork him, but with free coffee in the office, can that ever really be the case? Regardless, the sound of his (strangely laid out) French keyboard clicking away is a welcome addition to the office. We are quite excited to see what he has in store for us.

Office Life and The World Cup Conundrum

Sofiane claims to always be focused and working hard. But, we have noticed an astounding correlation between the timing of startled cries arising from his corner of the office, and the timing of the World Cup games featuring France. Some say the football gods simply gifted Sofiane with a wonderful sixth sense where he always knows when France scores. Other theorize that he may secretly be streaming the games on his second monitor. The mystery remains unsolved to this day.

Nicknamed ‘The SofiAnimal’*, this stylish track star visited Berlin one day with a friend. This was all the convincing he needed to decide that Berlin was the city for him. Two months later, here he is tearing up the dance floors of local clubs and experiencing all the sights and sounds that Seltsam Berlin has to offer. If he has one goal while in Berlin it’s to make sure that entire the city knows he’s here. (you know, besides being a useful employee and all)

New Team Member Sofiane Achab

*Disclaimer: that is not really his nick name.