CTO Patrick Levie returned from Cologne last week after winning sponsorship for to build a CRM connector to the Open Integration Hub.

The Open Integration Hub Project

The Open Integration Hub (OIH) project is the brainchild of the German cloud ecosystem. The project, led by Cloud Ecosystems eV, exists to devise and publicize a common standard for data synchronization. A lack of which has been plaguing many smaller companies in recent years.

Today’s small and medium-sized organizations typically run with the help of a variety of cloud-based tools. These tools, despite recording common pieces of client information such as names and addresses, are often unable to communicate and synchronize their data between the platforms. This creates an environment where manual, and thus error-prone, data entry is the only way to maintain such comprehensive records.

Enter the Open Integration Hub. The end goal of this project is to create an open source hub that will “automatically enable cross-application and legally compliant data exchange through standardized interfaces and generic data models”. This automatic data exchange will all but remove the need for manual maintenance of data records. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, the new standard will accelerate the digital transformation of companies. This is expected to strengthen the German middle-class in the process.

OIH Stage 3

As the OIH project progressed into stage 3, it began recruiting best-of-breed micro-service providers to produce connectors. These connectors will link their respective systems with the Hub, powering the data synchronization. Those interested in receiving funding from the consortium to develop these connectors needed to endure a rigorous application process.

The application process began with a proposal document consisting of a collection of company and product analyses and estimates. From these, a selection panel of consortium partners selected and invited a shortlist of applicants to Cologne. In Cologne, they had the opportunity to pitch themselves and their team’s capabilities to the panel in person. Finally, the panel would select the winning 10 providers. These 10 best-of-breed providers will then receive funding up to 10,000 EUR for the development costs of the connectors.

Open Integration Hub Connector Detail

Interact and the OIH

After successfully getting Interact added to the OIH Stage 3 shortlist, Patrick Levie had the opportunity to pitch Interact and our capabilities to the panel of OIH judges. Finally, with the deliberation process complete, the judges returned the verdict – would receive the funding to create a CRM connector to the Open Integration Hub.

As an organization, we are very proud of the work that Patrick and the rest of the team have done. As a result of their hard work and dedication, interact has cemented our involvement in this visionary project. Projects such as this will shape the future of data synchronization and have significant implications for economic development around the globe.