Coming to us from EPITECH – the European Institute of  Technology, Rémi Desmartin will be joining Interact as a frontend development intern.

Rémi Desmartin is the newest French employee to join the ranks of interact. He will spend his days working on the frontend of interact’s microapps, making them look good and function better. And if there’s a guy who knows a thing or two about looking good, it’s Rémi.

Before turning to development, Rémi studied history and political science. There is fear among the non-French faction of the office that Rémi’s hiring may give the French cohort the manpower and political expertise they have been waiting for to finally launch an office revolution of 1790’s magnitude, overthrowing interact’s management and giving the people the bread they so vehemently demand. For now, though, they seem to be keeping a low profile.


The Infamous Quiche Incident

Rémi made a name for himself at the interact summer barbecue with the Infamous Quiche Incident. What is the Infamous Quiche Incident, you may ask? While the exact details remain heavily disputed to this day, legend has it the events unfolded something like this:

Michael, interact CEO and summer barbecue grill master, requested a slice of quiche while he tended the grill. Rémi, being a natural go-getter, leapt to the occasion, grabbing a slice and delivering it to his waiting boss. However, it would appear as though the slice of quiche that Rémi selected for Michael was the smallest ‘slice’ of quiche possible. So small, in fact, that the debate continues to rage about whether the quiche Rémi served was even large enough to be classified as a slice, or if it was merely an oversized crumb. Rumour has it that Michael fired Rémi on the spot. However, Rémi’s continued presence in the office in the days following seems to suggest otherwise.


Remi Desmartin