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We believe that companies are only as good as the people that make them. That’s why we are hiring more talented people to join our team. Are you hard-working, passionate and interested in working in a laid-back environment where your ideas will be heard? Join us.

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A day in the life

Most people say that Mondays suck. Not here. We love coming to work and building products that we are proud of with people that we can actually tolerate (and some days even like). Plus, the free coffee in the office makes it waaay easier to get over hangovers.

We don’t believe in stiff dress codes and stacks of busy work. Those are dumb. Instead, we prefer working on meaningful projects while wearing a comfortable and stylish pair of jorts.

Team bonding

We do cool things together too. Thursday burger days, summer barbecues, and conference room football games to name a few. Plus, with so many different nationalities represented on our small team, it is easy to find at least one person whose national football team is worse than yours.

Our team members also have a lot of different hobbies. Everything from sports and fitness to music and boogying out on the dance floor. No matter what it is that floats your goat, someone here will either share your passion or be willing to try it out with you at least once.

football games at work


♪ ♫ ♬     These are a few of our favourite things.     ♪ ♫ ♬

keep it clean and simple

Keeping it Clean and Simple

Nobody likes clutter. We're no different. We believe in keeping things clean and simple. Everything from the way we work to the tools we use to the solutions we produce reflects this mentality.



Sometimes other people have decent ideas too. That's why we encourage teamwork for everything that we do here at interact. Teamwork is so ingrained in our culture now that the development team has been known to actually acknowledge the existence of the marketing team.

Dream big and start small

Dreaming Big and Starting Small

Building a whole computer program from scratch is intimidating, but clicking one key on a keyboard is not. breaking down our big visions into individual tasks makes everything easier to handle.

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