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Chatbot App Using Microchip

Typical Challenge

Chatbots are an exceptional means of engaging with clients and gathering data about their interactions with your organization. The problem arises when a chatbot program lacks the infrastructure to effectively collect and store this mountain of data in a meaningful way. Or, like most are, when this infrastructure is merely added as an afterthought, lacking any form of dynamic integration.

What amplifies this problem even more is that, when such systems are not already included, extra effort must be put in to add them. Often this involves finding a different tool fits your data management needs and then figuring out how to integrate it with your chatbot. Sure, you can do this, but think about how much time, and consequently data, you will lose in the process. It is also possible that these programs simply don’t play nicely with one another, creating a new set of headaches.

Our Solution

We are firm believers in building from the ground up. In terms of a chatbot application, this means that we start with the most fundamental layer. To us, this is a system to collect, analyze, and interpret the data that customers provide to the chatbot. The application will record everything from basic contact information to product preferences and store it all in your CRM foundation. Your sales team can access this knowledge when they are interacting with clients in the future.

By building your chatbot app over top of our existing CRM infrastructure, we are ensuring that you have these data collection and interpretation capabilities. Capabilities that are undisputedly a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. Better yet, we ensure that you don’t have to invest more time and money to get them after the fact.

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