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b2b2c crm often does not exist

Typical Challenge

Most CRM solutions are simply not built to address the unique demands of a B2B2C business model. They are geared for managed internal sales teams, not a fleet of independently operating partners. But in today’s competitive age, leaving your partners without a tool for CRM is a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, those CRM systems that are capable of serving the B2B2C market do not come cheap. Price-per-user license fees can quickly add up, especially as your organization expands and brings on more partners. Before you know it these fees amount to an immense drain on your monthly profit.

Our Solution

Interact specializes in developing customized, partner-centric CRM tool with built-in control mechanisms perfect for B2B2C organizations. As a framework, our tools allow the central business to determine and set rules and restrictions that each partner must follow. Controls such as campaign content, prices, messaging, and branding can all be implemented through our tools. What this does is ensures that all clients, regardless of the partner they interact with, receive a consistent message from your organization.

Best of all, your partners will still be free to interact with their clients as their professional judgement dictates. The information gathering and data analysis platform they are provided with will even allow them to make better judgements. Now they can more thoroughly engage clients, and generate more profit for themselves and for you. Plus, our one-time up-front pricing will slash your long-run expenses, allowing you to keep more of these hard-earned profits.

b2b2c crm with hq controls

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